Chinese Survey Shows Each 4th Millenial Wants to Invest in Crypto, UK Shows Londoners more Bullish on Crypto as the other UK Citizens

Another survey made by Circle discovered that each fourth millennial is intending to invest into crypto assets over the next 12 months. Naturally, the difference between generations is seen at from the Gen X-ers, there are only 10% of them interested, while from the generation of boomers only 2% for the same period.

Dividing the group according to the gender, the survey found men to be twice as bullish as women on cryptocurrency investments. As a result, 17% of males and 8% of females expressed their will to purchase cryptocurrencies over the next year.

As the Wu Xiaobo Channel has shown in its survey of 100,000 China citizens, around 3% of Chinese citizens have already invested and the percentage of potential investors depend on their age, as expected. According to the results of the survey, also half of Chinese cryptocurrency investors have invested over 10% of their savings in cryptocurrency assets.

Another study in the United Kingdom, prepared by Rathbone Investment Management, has identified that 13% of UK citizens are interested to use their savings to invest in cryptocurrencies.

However, what was even more interesting when it comes to this study, was the fact that Londoners were seen bullish on cryptocurrency more than twice when comparing them to the other UK residents in the near future. From this groups, 30% stated that they are watching the cryptocurrency markets.

Investment Director at Rathbone Investment Management, Robert Hughes-Penney, added: “Lucrative returns made by the early adopters of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been widely publicized. These early investors have been followed by others looking to make similar gains.”

He sees the Londoners to be more sensitive to the craze around cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular. On the other hand, people outside capital see the cryptocurrencies more as a high-risk asset class.