FATF is getting closer to the establishment of global AML regulations related to cryptocurrencies.

According to the latest information from Financial Times, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is getting closer to the establishment of global AML regulations (anti-money laundering standards) related to cryptocurrencies. As Marshall Billingslea stated for reporters, he sees joint efforts in October to prepare comprehensive AML standards, regulating even the gaps that exist now. Moreover, […]

Swiss Company Introducing Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency

As Bloomberg reported, Tiberius Group AG, a Swiss asset management company, is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency, backed by commodities. The coin will be a standard blockchain-supported Tiberius Coin while its price will be related to the popular metals like precious metals (gold and platinum) or industrial (copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, tin). Giuseppe Rapallo […]

Startup from Switzerland Raised CHF 100 Million for Crypto-Bank

SEBA Crypto AG, a startup from Switzerland, has raised CHF 100 million for the purpose of establishing a cryptocurrency bank, according to a Reuters report from September 26. This Swiss startup gained the knowledge and approach from former UBS employees. Its CEO is Guido Buehler and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Andreas Amschwand. […]

Ripple (XRP) Correcting from Previous Rally, Based on Bank Partnership

Following an impressive rally, reaching even more than 60% of gains within only a week, XRP bulls took a breath and a significant correction was seen on Tuesday. The reversal saw (at the time of writing) a 14.60% drop to the actual price of $0.448 ( with a market cap of 17.9 billion. Nevertheless, the […]

Chinese ICO Ban Reportedly Circumvented by Companies, Investors

Xinhua News Agency has reported that it sees certain possibilities how to bypass the Initial Coin Offering ban, applied in China, according to its publishing from September 26. As the agency performed deeper investigation, it found an easy way to circumvent a relatively clear ban of ICOs the government is officially trying to established and […]

PKO Bank Polski – launched a brand new blockchain system.

On Wednesday, one of the top Central European banks – PKO Bank Polski – launched a brand new blockchain system. The bank is thus setting up a distributed ledger for client transactions and agreements through the blockchain system. This system is expected to be one of the top and most extensive blockchain based applications focused […]

Juventus Launching Crypto Token, Paris St. Germain to Issue Cryptocurrency

It’s a well-known fact that soccer and finance go together and one of the world top soccer teams – Juventus – has announced that it’s launching a crypto token that should support the relation between the team and its fans, boosting their number markedly as well. Based on this plan, Juventus has established cooperation with […]

Chinese Survey Shows Each 4th Millenial Wants to Invest in Crypto, UK Shows Londoners more Bullish on Crypto as the other UK Citizens

Another survey made by Circle discovered that each fourth millennial is intending to invest into crypto assets over the next 12 months. Naturally, the difference between generations is seen at from the Gen X-ers, there are only 10% of them interested, while from the generation of boomers only 2% for the same period. Dividing the […]

Google to Allow Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Run Ads Again

The well-known tech giant Google has announced changes to its ad policy on September 25. According to the amended conditions, registered cryptocurrency exchanges could advertise on its Google Adwords platform, targeting the U.S. and Japanese audiences since October. However, Google sets the condition that all such advertisers will have to be certified with Google for […]

Bitcoin’s Bullish Potential, Focus on Breakout!

On Friday, Bitcoin price corrected from previous sessions, signalling the possibility of forming and upside breakout with the potential for further gains over the next sessions. Nevertheless, from a technical point of view, there is a triangle consolidation pattern now seen with a potential bearish pressure expected or at least pointing to a potential slowdown […]